As shown in the ecosystem overview, staking will be done over 5-10 years with rewards to be distributed on a curve. This is to ensure a few things;

  • Rewards are sustainable over a long period of time

  • Early adopters are rewarded for participating in the PUML ecosystem during it's initial phase

  • As PUML earns more revenue over the long-term, we have the opportunity to buy PUMLx off the market and add it back into the rewards pool

Further, users will be able to earn PUMLx by staking NFTs using our staking portal - enabling PUMLx NFT holders amplified rewards

Rewards Distribution

As shown above, total ecosystem rewards paid out to stakers will be 150,000,000 PUMLx. This total amount will be divided amongst PUMLx stakers, NFT stakers, PUML Marketplace trading rewards and our PUML -> PUMLx burn pool.

PUMLx Staking Pool - 100,000,000

NFT Staking Pool - 30,000,000

PUML -> PUMLx Burn Pool - 15,000,000

Marketplace Rewards - 5,000,000

Below we can see PUMLx being added into circulating supply over time.

Calculations Used

In order to calculate how rewards will be distributed to a staker (and their potential APY) we used the following formula;


​Where A = Users Stake Total, B = Total Ecosystem Stake and C = PUMLx/Block An example can be shown below:

John has staked 1000 PUMLx. The total ecosystem stake is 10,000 PUMLx and Block rewards at the time are 21.07 PUMLx

A = 1000

B = 10000

C = 21.07

John's rewards/block = 2.107 with John's potential APY (at the time of staking) being 499,885%

Of course, John's rewards decrease as more stakers enter the ecosystem and begin earning their own rewards or increase as John elects to stake more PUMLx.

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