Key Features

PUML is a unique Move to Earn platform that rewards users for completing health challenges in the mobile application available on IOS and Android. The following features make PUML distinctively unique than other similar applications in the market:
  • Dual Token Model with a valueless, infinite supply, in-game only coin (PUML) and utility, tradeable, finite supply coin (PUMLx). This allows PUML to operate within the US, providing a large potential user base on both B2B (PUML Corporate Offering which has seen over $500K in real revenue in the last 12 months) and B2C (Individual users).
  • PUMLx allows crypto native users to earn rewards using Move to Earn principles. Users are not required to own an NFT or PUMLx tokens to start earning. PUML WearX NFTs to launch soon and provide additional gamification mechanics.
  • Multi - Revenue Model (Primary & Secondary NFT Sales + Corporate facing API keys).
  • Longer term challenges designed to actively incentivise long-term exercise and app usage.
  • PUML seamlessly connects to all major wearables (Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc), allowing accurate tracking of health data.
  • All integrations are native connections and PUML can gamify rich health data such as steps, heart rate, calories and more.
  • Distributed Digital Health Record to protect user data.
  • Users can earn PUML by completing a range of challenges including: Steps, Meditation, Sleep, etc and then burn those in-game tokens for the Web3 native coin, PUMLx.
  • Gamified Challenge Engine built on Ethereum and Polygon.

Gamified Sports and Wellbeing

  • Users rewarded with PUML from completing Physical & Wellbeing Health Challenges Challenges.
  • Earn our in-app token "$PUML" based on challenges completed, daily steps, NFTs staked and other multipliers.
  • Metaverse Game in the pipeline that will combine Metalympics eligible NFTs for in-game competitions player-to-player. (Coming Soon)

Unique & Rare Non-Fungible Tokens [for athletes and their fans] (Coming Soon)

  • Digital Marketplace enables the exchange of digital rewards for items in the real world.
  • Rare Collectibles developed by PUML exclusively for PUML users in collaboration with rising Australian athletes.
  • Community Activity Rewards are designed to promote active sports communities and incentivise community leaders.

Gamified Challenge & Reward Sponsorship [for brands and sports organisations]

  • Challenge Leaderboards will be used to amp up the competition and promote the challenge.
  • Participants are exposed to branding and products before joining challenges.
  • Product promotion is chosen by the brand to most effectively reward participants and to advertise key products.

Corporate Wellbeing Programs [for businesses that care]

  • Virtual challenges for ease of access and significant geographic scalability.
  • Full customisation available for businesses to take control over the wellness process.
  • Wellness analytics provided to corporates based on AI algorithms in a detailed dashboard to track employee wellness progress.
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Gamified Sports and Wellbeing
Unique & Rare Non-Fungible Tokens [for athletes and their fans] (Coming Soon)
Gamified Challenge & Reward Sponsorship [for brands and sports organisations]
Corporate Wellbeing Programs [for businesses that care]