Key Features

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The following features make PUML distinctively unique compared to other similar applications currently in market:

  • Dual Token Model encompassing a valueless, infinite supply, in-game only coin (PUML) and a high utility, tradeable, finite supply coin (PUMLx). This allows PUML to operate within the US, providing a large potential user base on both B2B (PUML Corporate Offering which has seen over $500K in real revenue in the last 12 months) and B2C (individual users).

  • PUML allows crypto native users to earn rewards using Move to Earn principles. Users are not required to own an NFT or PUMLx tokens to start earning.

  • Multi - Revenue Model (Primary & Secondary NFT Sales + Corporate facing API keys).

  • Longer term challenges designed to actively incentivise long-term exercise and app usage.

  • PUML seamlessly connects to all major wearables (Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc), allowing accurate tracking of health data.

  • All integrations are native connections and PUML can gamify rich health data such as steps, heart rate, calories and more.

  • Distributed Digital Health Record to protect user data.

  • Users can earn PUML by completing a range of challenges including: Steps, Meditation, Sleep, etc and then burn those in-game tokens for the Web3 native coin, PUMLx.

  • Gamified Challenge Engine built on Ethereum and Polygon.

Gamified Sports and Wellbeing

  • Users rewarded with PUML from completing Physical & Wellbeing Health Challenges Challenges.

  • Earn our in-app token "$PUML" based on challenges completed, daily steps, NFTs staked and other multipliers.

  • Metaverse Game in the pipeline that will combine Metalympics eligible NFTs for in-game competitions player-to-player. (Coming Soon)

Unique & Rare Non-Fungible Tokens [for athletes and their fans] (Coming Soon)

  • Digital Marketplace enables the exchange of digital rewards for items in the real world.

  • Rare Collectibles developed by PUML exclusively for PUML users in collaboration with rising Australian athletes.

  • Community Activity Rewards are designed to promote active sports communities and incentivise community leaders.

Gamified Challenge & Reward Sponsorship [for brands and sports organisations]

  • Challenge Leaderboards will be used to amp up the competition and promote the challenge.

  • Participants are exposed to branding and products before joining challenges.

  • Product promotion is chosen by the brand to most effectively reward participants and to advertise key products.

Corporate Wellbeing Programs [for businesses that care]

  • Virtual challenges for ease of access and significant geographic scalability.

  • Full customisation available for businesses to take control over the wellness process.

  • Wellness analytics provided to corporates based on AI algorithms in a detailed dashboard to track employee wellness progress.

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