PUML (in App Token)


PUML is the sole token that the entire in-app ecosystem is built off of. The in-game only token enables users to access every experience within the app (classes + challenges) as well as our in-app purchases. Further, PUML will act as a bridge between the Web2 and Web3 world - it enables those who are not Web3 native to participate in the PUML app; it’s closer to a Web2 game token, rather than a cryptocurrency/asset.
  • Enter in-app challenges
  • Enter in-app classes
  • Use for in-app purchases (fitness equipment, wearables, etc)
  • Burn to receive PUMLx


The $PUML coin was launched with our Beta version of Corporate Gamified Challenges and is used within our PUML Better Health mobile apps as a rewards coin for our gamified challenges.
This coin has been highly successful in building community and rewarding employees + members within the mobile apps.
After the release of the PUMLx coin, PUML holders will be eligible to trade PUML -> PUMLx at a ratio still TBD.
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