MoveFi - Metaverse API

MoveFi is the first Movement Finance service that primarily rewards on Move to Earn but has additional earning capacity based on other human movements.

MoveFi for the Metaverse

We are on track to develop the worlds first MoveFi API where game developers can reward and incentivise user behaviour within the Metaverse using the PUMLx Coin.

PUML Challenges, Metaverse Game Developers or VR connected applications can share health data through PUML's gamified API engine and thus rewards users with $PUMLx token for movement activity and behaviours such as Steps, Calories Burnt and more.


Move to Earn

The key feature of MoveFi is the user behaviour data that game developers can track and use to use for rewarding in-game Activity. PUML leads the way in MoveFi as the world's first Corporate Wellness Gamified Challenge Hub.

Move to Earn is as simple as connecting your wearable tracker such as Fitbit/Garmin/Apple Health and syncing your daily activity. There are multiple challenges to earn on including a Daily Step Reward claim.

The more challenges completed, the more Athlete NFTs held and the longer you maintain your healthy habits, the more PUML received from the Move to Earn PUML app.

Stake to Earn

In addition to Move to Earn, MoveFi will include staking. Users can stake their PUMLx (acquired either through swapping on a DEX/CEX or by burning PUML token) which will earn rewards proportional to the staked PUMLx. Users can earn higher rewards with longer locked periods, marketplace fees and Athlete NFTs that have been staked.

VIP Features

PUML is capable of implementing exclusivity-based community rewards for holders of PUMLx where they can access not-for-sale fan experiences, tickets, merchandise and other sports and fitness products/services.

Token Rewards

Users are capable of joining any challenge, unlocking the potential to qualify for token airdrops and NFT airdrops. By completing challenges, participants are rewarded with PUML which can be used to purchase in-app rewards or burn for PUMLx.

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