About PUML

A perspective on how it all started, our objectives, and where we are heading.

Since its inception, PUML has established itself as a key player in the corporate wellness space, incentivising healthy behaviours through Corporate Wellness Move to Earn, Brands and Athletes. etc.

PUML has worked with some of the biggest organisations in Australia and around the world, from Deloitte to LVMH and beyond. We have successfully developed the worlds first Corporate Wellness platform that uses Crypto to reward healthy behaviours and activity.

The team has been devoted to the progression of the "Move-to-Earn" space as much as the PUML ecosystem itself. At its core, PUML is the culmination of multiple people's ideas, passions, beliefs and knowledge.

Our journey started with an initial objective to incentivise and motivate our members to be active and healthy through gamified challenges. Since then, we've made huge progress and can proudly proclaim we've completed the following;

  • A Web2 friendly app that aims to onboard and educate non-crypto native consumers

  • "Athlete NFTs" that will help to foster new relationships with Athletes and build their net worth/fanbase

  • "Wearx NFTs" that further gamify our app experience and make the PUML ecosystem more rewarding and enjoyable.

  • A robust staking model that aims to reward PUMLx ecosystem participants for the next half decade (at minimum)

PUML seeks to establish itself as a leading Fitness Web3 Project with the following key ways:

  • Sports and Fitness Metaverse

  • A Move to Earn API and Protocol using PUMLx

  • Gamified Challenge Engine

  • Dedicated Athlete and Sports NFT Marketplace

Destination of MoveFi

We aim to incentivise healthy behaviours of Athlete Fans, Sports Communities, Gamers and PUML Members through Move to Earn gamification within our PUML ecosystem.

PUML has been validated through working with global corporations looking for innovative ways to incentivise health and gamify fitness in the workplace.

PUMLx takes the best of Move-To-Earn for corporates and consumers, meshing them together in a truly exciting Web3 experience. Staking, earning, burning and using Athlete + WearX NFTs are key elements of our market strategy.

Move-to-Earn as a whole has been historically tough to sustain for longer periods of time:

  • Rewards can dwindle too quickly if not emitted sustainably

  • Revenue needs to be consistent in order to maintain the ecosystem

  • User acquisition ideally should remain relatively consistent with high percentage user retention

In order to deliver on a sustainable project, we have developed a unique tokenomic model that is based on Corporate Revenue, Brand Revenue, Athlete + WearX NFT revenue and Movement Finance API Revenue. This ensures our platform can continue to build as we grow into a mass market product.


PUML has established itself as a key player in the Web3 space with its Move-to-Earn App in market since 2018. Now we have our sights on onboarding Web2 users, introducing non-crypto native users to a Web3 environment that is seamless and beneficial to them. We also see the Metaverse being a significant opportunity for PUML to partner with Gaming companies that promote fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Our goals can be summarised in the following way:

  • To be the world's largest dedicated Sports and Fitness Metaverse

  • To own the Move to Earn/Movement Finance space through gamified challenges with PUMLx, $PUML and NFTs in both the real world and the Metaverse

  • Protect Health and Wellbeing data via a Decentralised Digital Health Record

  • Lead the fitness metaverse revolution and MoveFi space

  • Become a household name in MoveFi

We hope to be the intersection between Web2 fitness entertainment and Web3 gamification. PUMLs ecosystem has been built to lead the charge of onboarding new users into the Web3 world while helping them build healthy habits and smash their long-term exercise goals.

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