Getting Started

To start earning, users will need to download the PUML app

  1. Download the PUML app - it can be found via the Google Play Store or the App Store

  2. Sign up for PUML - we'll ask you for basic info; email address, username, etc

  3. Sync your health data - this can be done via a wearable (Samsung Smart Watch, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc) or your mobile device

Great work - you're all set!

Because of PUMLs unique approach to our in-app gamification, you won't need to worry about purchasing an asset to get earning. We use your health data to understand the steps you're doing daily and award you PUML coin as a result.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You can only claim your PUML coins once every 24 hours, if you miss the 24 hours mark your coins will reset and you'll have to wait until the next day

  • You'll initially be able to earn up to 2000 steps of PUML coin per day - You can raise in a few different ways. See more here:

  • Once you've earned your PUML coin, you can redeem it in-app for challenges, classes and purchases or you can burn your PUML for PUMLx - it's totally up to you!

We're excited for you to begin your journey earning while you get moving!

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