Corporate Wellness

A solution designed to help businesses motivate employees & kickstart Corporate Wellbeing.

A custom platform created to help businesses improve corporate wellness in just a few steps. Corporates can create health challenges to join the health revolution in a positive and engaging manner that motivates and rewards employees for making healthy choices.

  • Virtual Challenges for easy access and significant geographic scalability.

  • Full Customisation available for businesses to take full control over the wellness process.

  • Wellness Analytics provided to corporates based on AI algorithms in a detailed dashboard to track wellness progress.

What can you do?

Improve corporate wellness in just a few steps.

Creating a health challenge is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to join the health revolution in a positive and engaging manner that motivates and rewards people for making healthy choices.

Make wellness fun! Gamify the experience for your employees.

PUML hosts virtual wellness challenges for your employees. Choose one (or more!) that fit your corporate wellness program:

  • Step Challenge – Teams (think competing departments or regions or employees can form their own teams!)

  • Step Challenge – Individuals Competing

  • Sleep Challenge

  • Hydration Challenge

  • Meditation Challenge

  • Gratitude Challenge

  • Gym or Virtual Class Check-In Challenge

  • Heart Rate Challenge

  • Custom Activity Challenges (running, cycling, swimming, etc.)

Built-in Rewards System & Marketplace

Keep your employees motivated! Reward users with PUML Coins which can be spent in our marketplace, saved for later, donated or burned for crypto-currency! Add your own prizes and products to our marketplace or stick with what we already have.

Team Building & Leaderboards

It’s always hard to keep company participation levels up in these challenges. That’s why we have company leaderboards to gamify the experience and add a level of social motivation.

  • Build teams of department vs department or location vs location.

  • Allow employees to build their own teams and compete together.

Employee Wellness Analytics

PUML will survey your employees before and after your wellness program. You will receive a PUML Wellbeing Score which ranks you besides other companies. Periodically, you will receive a dashboard with analytics on participation levels, how your employees have improved in their wellness, suggestions going forward, and other key insights.

  • Employee Wellness Survey Before and After Program

  • PUML Wellbeing Score

  • Periodic Dashboard Access Post-Challenge

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