PUML uses the following technologies:

  • Native IOS App

  • Native Android App

  • Native crypto wallet

  • Gamified Virtual Challenge Engine

  • Distributed Digital Health Record

  • Mobile Dapp Token Wallet and service

  • Health vitals data collection mechanics.

  • Wearable technology integrating with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung and other key partnerships.

  • Open API Health data protocol

  • Global Crypto Coin Rewards System

  • Proprietary Corporate API

  • PUML Corporate Rewards Coin

  • Open API for Move to Earn

  • Sports Metaverse API

  • NFT minting Engine and marketplace

  • AI Proof of Fitness Algorithm

  • PUMLx MoveFi Coin

  • Dedicated Athlete NFTs


Blockchain Technology

The PUML Platform is built on its own unique blockchain technology that can be implemented as a Web3 application. Our innovative solution can be utilised via both Ethereum compliant ERC721 - the gold standard of NFTs - and payments in PUML and VISA card.

Why Ethereum Blockchain?

  • Highest adoption of any other chain at the moment.

  • Most volume of all chains occurs on Ethereum

  • POS merge has reduced energy consumption by 99%

  • POS merge has lowered gas

  • One of the most battle tested, robust and secure chains on the market

Gamification & Challenges

Our platform integrates with Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and more wearables to run fun engaging fan challenges. PUML has an innovative digital check-in feature that can be used to reward members for game/event check-ins. Fan engagement is improved by holding athlete NFTs purchased through the PUML marketplace or secondary markets.

Engaging Features

The PUML Platform has multiple features for PUML users to engage and connect socially from anywhere, including:

  • Participant Leaderboards Tipping

  • In-App Messaging

  • In-App Notifications

  • Live Stream Sessions

Wellness Analytics Driven By Algorithms

We have created proprietary analytics mechanics that allows PUML to measure the effectiveness of its health challenges through real health and insight data.

  • Participant Wellness Score (% of participants at health risks using BMI numbers)

  • Age profiling

  • Stress surveys and more

Own Your Data

Our final core objective is to develop the first dedicated blockchain protocol for storing health and wellness data with individuals having ownership over their health data. We can use this data to both; create predictive models for diagnosis of lifestyle diseases and enable alternate revenue streams to reward those sharing their data. PUML members' data will always be in their control.

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