PUML Better Health


What is PUML’s roadmap?

Q4 2022; Public Sale Mainnet Launch PUML NFT Market Launch PUML Flagship NFT Minting
Q1 2023; Launching of Corporate API Onboarding of new Clients PUML User Growth and Acquisition PUMLx Node Staking
Q2 2023; Web2 and Web3 Brand Partnerships Access to the PUML Athlete Hub & Increased Metaverse Activity Play to Earn Integration with Metaverse Fitness Apps allowing users to earn rewards for being active in the Metaverse Compatibility with Metaverse Apps
Q3 2023; Pre-access to Gen 2 and beyond watches/Digital Wearables Metaverse-ready Watches (3D modeled) available on Metaverse Platforms including Sandbox, Decentraland, and others (TBD). PUML Sports and Health API Data protocol

Metaverse API

PUML is currently in a development phase of a new Sports and Fitness Metaverse API to support many top VR fitness apps and games, allowing users to earn tokens from completing health related challenges whilst being healthy in the metaverse.

Earn while you burn calories, track your progress, play against other players, take classes with world renowned coaches and experience a variety of virtual sport events.

  • VR Fitness & Athlete-Led Challenges giving users access to unique public challenges promoting health.
  • Play VR games and earn $PUML based on exercise variables, calorie burn rates, etc.
  • Metaverse Game in the pipeline that will combine Metalympics eligible NFTs for in-game competitions player-to-player.
PUML seeks to establish a Sports and Fitness Metaverse for sports enthusiasts, fans and game developers. Custom product development will enable users to provide a virtual + physical world connection to create unique sports experiences for sports enthusiasts. This will see PUML become a leading protocol compatible with popular VR/Metaverse devices enabling users to get rewarded with $PUMLx for; burning calories, tracking their progress, playing virtual games and experiencing a variety of sport experiences directly through our Play to Earn API.

Partnership with Polygon

PUML is excited to be working with Polygon on a series of new projects, including:
  • PUML Game Badges - will be on Polygon
  • PUML Athlete NFTs - some of them will be on Polygon
  • PUML Digital Health Record - (2025 Roadmap item) will be on Polygon
More info coming soon: