PUML Better Health

PUML Better Health is a Web3 Sports, Fitness and Wellness company gamifying healthy behaviours via challenges in the metaverse and real-world.


PUML Better Health is the original Web3, Move to Earn, Fitness and Wellness company from Brisbane Australia.

After successfully launching Move to Earn for Corporates in 2021, we signed major Corporates such as Deloitte Aus/Singapore/SEA, LVMH, Singapore/Malaysia, Western Union and many more resulting in strong revenue growth.

We are now expanding our Web3 tech into consumer health, sports and gaming. Our vision is to gamify healthy behaviours via our virtual challenges platform and reward communities through gamification of physical movement.

Encompassing both Move to Earn and Move to Own mechanisms, we have produced the world's first Movement Finance platform. PUMLx is the token that drives adoption and growth with unique Tokenomics around earning, owning, staking and burning. PUML token is our education, onboarding and gamified tool - all wrapped up into an easy to understand consumable product.

What makes PUML unique?

Our newly updated (and iOS + Android ready) PUML app actively encourages long term exercise and app usage, our staking economy incentivises increased ecosystem growth and the B2B + B2C nature of PUML allows for multi-facing revenue streams.

Additionally, PUMLs mission in educating Web2 users on the benefits of Web3 is underpinned by allowing anyone to Move to Earn, without the need to purchase NFTs or Crypto. We simply use a person’s health data to understand their daily steps and reward them with an in-game only token. From here, we can slowly drip feed new Web2 users with educational content around why they should engage with the Web3 world.

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