Sleep Challenge

Ever been paid rewards to sleep? Host a sleep challenge for your workplace! We provide intro videos OR a live class from a qualified professional (may incur additional fees) on the importance of sleep and sleep tips.

A good and regular sleep pattern has a variety of benefits, including boosted immune system and productivity. The goal is 7 hours consistent sleep each night, per person, for a chosen number of nights.

How it works

  • Set a goal for employees, such as 7 hours sleep per night.

  • Option of a streak challenge (i.e. who can keep up the goal the longest without a day off),

  • For sleep tracking, PUML synchronises with wearables such as FitBit and Garmin or connects with your mobile device's health app such as Apple Health and Google Fit.

  • Choose how much PUML Coin to award winners & if you want to add custom prizes to the marketplace.

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