PUMLx (Ecosystem Token)
PUMLx is a brand new ERC20 coin that is launching in 2022


PUMLx will be able to do everything a normal crypto asset can with staking rewards, asset swapping, etc, being available at the time of launch. As PUML will be releasing Digital Wearable NFTs and Athlete NFTs in order to bolster the ecosystem and allow users to unlock more experiences, PUMLx will act as a way for investors to purchase said NFTs. Initially, PUMLx will be speculative by nature but will eventually aid in the growth and trajectory of the PUML ecosystem as it builds ecosystem Utility, credibility as the defining Move-to-Earn token and transitions in future to Governance.
  • Stake to earn via the PUMLx website
  • Use to purchase PUML assets i.e. Athlete NFTs, WearX, etc.
  • Speculative, market tradeable
  • Governance (coming soon)
Earning for users will come directly from PUMLx. We’ll have a staking portal for users to earn PUMLx via staking with decent APYs initially that will depreciate over time as the staking pool decreases.
The below graph portray's PUMLs sustainable reward curve with early adopters being rewarded for their engagement and rewards slowly decreasing over time (which should be in line with user growth). As revenue builds the PUML treasury, PUMLx can be bought off the market and added back into the rewards pool; potentially driving rewards beyond 2027.
Please note these are example numbers and may not reflect final rewards.
Additionally, users can earn fees for providing liquidity to LP pools on our selected DEX. This will be roughly 0.3%.
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