What is PUML?

PUML is an app that motivates you to stay active by rewarding you PUML Coins when you enter our fitness challenges. Coins can be exchanged for fitness products, gift cards, crypto-currency or even be donated to charity.

What is PUML's vision?

PUML is on a mission to promote healthy living by gamifying physical and mental health challenges, and to become a go-to for sports enthusiasts to meet each other, create communities, and use the metaverse to further enhance the collaboration of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and a challenge engine.

What is SportsFi?

Sportfi = Socialfy + Gamify

We are creating a new way to both gamify and socialise sports, health and wellness which allows our members to both earn PUML Coin + Athlete and Sports NFTs.

Does PUML have unique algorithms/intellectual property?

PUML is heavily invested in R&D to continuously improve our platform and the value that we can provide to our users. We are currently actively developing unique algorithms to support a custom Mental Health AI Prediction Engine to significantly increase wellness analytics that can be used to identify corporate or user wellness (which can be utilized by insurance companies to calculate premiums, businesses to identify their potential health-related costs, and users to self-identify any health issues). Contact Us for more information.

Hasn't the PUML token already been listed?

No, PUMLx is a brand new Ethereum based ERC20 token.

This will be our DeFi coin that will be used with our Athlete NFTs and will have staking mechanisms for yields.

We also have the PUML EOS token which is public and is used as a reward and incentivization mechanism within the mobile apps and ecosystems of PUML Better Health.

Existing holders of PUML EOS can bridge to PUMLx after the TGE, Token Generation Event

What makes PUML unique?

PUML establishes a new development method for sports enthusiasts, and creates a sports meta-universe for sports enthusiasts and sports bloggers through SportFi, giving it a completely unique value proposition than existing solutions on the market. By effectively combining solutions connecting the virtual and physical world, PUML creates a rare ecosystem built for sustainable growth on a global level.

Where can I find more information?

You can stay tuned by browsing our additional sites: puml.io or welr.io Stay up to date with any of our updates and find more information on all of our social channels.

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