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An understanding of PUMLs key mechanics

General Earning Mechanics:


PUML is the sole token that the in-app ecosystem is built off of. The in-game only token enables users to access every experience within the app (classes + challenges) as well as our in-app purchases. Further, PUML will act as a bridge between the Web2 and Web3 world - it enables those who are not Web3 native to participate in the PUML app.

PUML is closer to a Web2 game token, rather than a cryptocurrency/asset.

  • Enter in-app challenges

  • Enter in-app classes

  • Use for in-app purchases (ebooks, deals, wearables, etc)

  • Burn to receive PUMLx

PUMLx Token:

PUMLx will be able to do everything a normal crypto asset can with staking rewards, asset swapping, market trading, etc, being available at the time of launch. As PUML will be releasing Digital Wearable NFTs and Athlete NFTs in order to bolster the ecosystem and allow users to unlock more experiences, PUMLx will act as a way for investors to purchase said NFTs. Initially, PUMLx will be speculative by nature but will eventually aid in the growth and trajectory of the PUML ecosystem as it transitions from Utility to Governance.

  • Stake to earn via the PUMLx website

  • Use to purchase PUML assets i.e. Athlete NFTs, WearX, etc.

  • Speculative, market tradeable

  • Governance (Coming Soon)

Earning for users will come directly from PUMLx. We’ll have a staking portal for users to earn PUMLx via staking with decent APYs initially that will depreciate over time as the staking pool decreases.

Additionally, users can earn fees for providing liquidity to LP pools on our selected DEX - this will be roughly 0.3%.

NFTs & Trading:

Digital Wearables will be health accessories that for the first time, tie directly into the Metaverse!

They’ll be a way for users to bolster their PUML earning rewards in-app while completing challenges, daily steps and classes. Further, Digital Wearables will eventually be Metaverse compatible and will allow a users avatar in any Metaverse (Decentraland, Sandbox, etc) to enter the world, earn while moving and look fashionable while doing it.

  • WearX NFTs integrated natively with the PUML App (Coming Soon)

  • Once in the PUML app, each NFT will automatically have a series of Utilities that relate to the in-App gamification elements, impacting user rewards.

  • Buyers will receive at mint a random combination of characteristics/traits which will be a standalone tradable NFT in public markets.

Athlete NFTs and our very own NFT collection WearX (Wearable Watch NFTS) will be used as challenge entry and reward multipliers within the solo game experience. They'll reward our users on a daily basis for adopting healthy habits! Find out more here:

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