NFT Marketplace

In 2023 PUML will release a dedicated NFT Marketplace for Sports and Athletes NFTs. All NFTs will be verified collections to ensuring high quality, trusted and verified athletes, sports teams and clubs.

The NFT marketplace will be built on Ethereum with token standards ERC721 and ERC1155 both available.

NFTs can be acquired either by using PUMLx tokens or purchasing via fiat currency.

We will also be adding WETH on Polygon to help support new athletes who are looking for alternative blockchain solutions.


The PUML NFT marketplace allows for buying, selling and trading of NFTs either through timed auctions or immediate transactions.

Verified and Trusted

All collections will be verified and trusted as the PUML NFT team will source directly from athletes, sports clubs and teams. Collections will include PUML created NFTs, external NFTs from sports leagues and approved Ethereum based collections.

Trading Fees

2.7% of the PUML marketplace trading fees will be used to incentivise PUMLx and NFT stakers.

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