Digital collectibles will play a major role in PUML's in-App gamification and user earning potential

NFTs & Trading

Digital Wearables will be the first time health accessories enter the Metaverse! They’ll be a way for users to bolster their PUML earning rewards in-app while completing challenges, daily steps and classes.

Further, Digital Wearables will eventually be Metaverse compatible and will allow users avatars in any Metaverse (Decentraland, Sandbox, etc) to enter the world, earn while moving and look fashionable while doing it.

  • WearX NFTs to be integrated into the PUML App.

  • Digital Wearables with Real Gameplay Once in the PUML app, each NFT will automatically have a series of Utilities that relate to the in-App gamification elements that impact user rewards.

Athlete NFTs and our very own NFT collection WearX (Wearable Watch NFTS) will be used as challenge entry and reward multipliers within the solo game experience to reward our users on a daily basis for adopting healthy habits.

NFT Marketplace (Coming Soon) - Purchasing & Trading

Join the Pre-Sale

Each collection will have a pre-sale round for individuals who have completed challenges, won giveaways, raffle selections, etc. Make sure to join the discord for all official announcements for how to join the pre-sale waitlist.

Join a challenge to win an NFT

PUML offers a range of challenges including: Meditation, Hydration, Gratitude, Steps, Stretching, Sleep, and more. These Challenges are hosted by companies, athletes, and other users. When you participate in these challenges, you will earn PUML coin, which can be used to redeem a series of prizes in the PUML marketplace located in the App.

Browse Athletes, Sports, Wearable and Fitness Influencer NFTs. *All Verified and Protected On-Chain*

PUML is working with leading athletes in Australia to bring you a series of unique collectible NFTs that can be used to earn more rewards such as: event tickets, special athlete access, and more.

Go to our Marketplace to buy an NFT

Other than redeeming NFTs by completing PUML challenges, you can purchase an NFT on the PUML NFT Marketplace.

Buy, Sell and Auction NFTs on any NFT Marketplace

Create your own unique collection of athlete non-fungible tokens and become part of the sports revolution within the cryptocurrency industry.

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