PUML Better Health


Ethereum based token that has the following utility


PUMLx will be able to do everything a normal crypto asset can with staking rewards, asset swapping, market trading, etc, being available at the time of launch. As PUML will be releasing Digital Wearable NFTs and Athlete NFTs in order to bolster the ecosystem and allow users to unlock more experiences, PUMLx will act as a way for investors to purchase said NFTs. Initially, PUMLx will be speculative by nature but will eventually aid in the growth and trajectory of the PUML ecosystem as it transitions from Utility to Governance.
PUMLx will act as the broad PUML ecosystem’s utility token (and eventually governance token) which will be tradeable and have intrinsic value tied to it. PUMLx will further unlock DeFi incentives and rewards for the wider PUML ecosystem.

Stake to Earn

Stake PUMLx to get access to the MoveFi rewards pool for a compounded return. Trading fees collected by the protocol will also be distributed to PUMLx stakers as rewards from our NFT Athlete and Sports Marketplace.

Purchasing Power

PUMLx allows holders to purchase all assets released through the PUML ecosystem. This will include the purchase of Athlete NFTs, Digital Wearables and other valuable commodities PUML releases over time.